Better ways to advertise

The times they are a-changin' and this time for the better. Some fantastic changes and additions to online advertising products recently will surely make your job a little easier.

Finding new ways to advertise to your target market in the coming years will be essential to your success, especially with most people becoming increasingly desensitised by traditional ads.

Measurability and ROI are key to convincing your clients or directors to spend their hard earned cash, which is where these great tools and techniques come into their own:

MailChimp Facebook Ad Campaigns

We're sure you have been watching this space since MailChimp launched their Facebook Ad integration a couple of months ago, but it's only now that the results of the product can be properly analysed.

The painful Facebook Ad creation process has been simplified in the typical MailChimp way, making for a less frustrating set-up and allowing you to integrate with your MailChimp campaigns. The ability to 'remarket' to existing lists is very powerful and, good news, the entire user journey is trackable. Providing you've created a compelling advert, you should start to see your ROI in total revenue and average order amount. #winning

Use a creative agency

Making use of a multifaceted, creative marketing campaign is an effective way to advertise with a higher chance of success. This is something the Ehrenberg-Bass Institute and CNBC have touched upon recently:

“Evidence to date shows that advertising’s greatest sales effect occurs when an individual moves from zero to one Exposure (Wind and Sharp, 2009). Subsequent close-by exposures can have a positive effect, but the impact is much lower.

An effective multi-platform media mix needs to reach more people without wasting advertising dollars by hitting the same consumers multiple times with the same stimuli within a short window. The lower the overlap in audiences, the greater the synergy”.
Sales response to advertising exposure
Sales response to advertising exposure

Putting heads together with an agency or comms planner can be a great way to achieve a good mix of approaches with adequate KPIs (Key Performance Indicators) and goals set to help you reach your sales targets.

Don't be so disruptive

Native advertising allows you to fit into the user experience, making it feel organic, helping a great deal in validating your content.

It's not just online platforms that benefit from this; inspiration for native advertising originally came from the traditional print advertorial. It looks like editorial content, provides valuable or interesting content and sticks in the mind of the reader.

Google Ads native search results

Google has made a real effort recently to ensure its own search adverts look a little more like the organic results, increasing the chance of higher click-throughs. Just make sure your landing page is useful and informative to your target audience, otherwise you'll see a dramatic rise in your bounce rate. If your content is not what the user expects to see for the search term you're paying for, rethink your strategy or risk a good amount of wasted budget!

Brand advocates

Word of mouth has always been the most powerful marketing tool and will continue to be so. This is because your product or service is being recommended by a trusted and reliable source based on their positive experiences. Incentivising your brand advocates can give an even greater reason for them to preach on your behalf, increasing the chance of success and longevity of your promotion.

Chatbots & live chat

Live chat used to be a pretty ineffective way to reach your potential customers, often slowing your site down and really just being down right annoying.

Services like Intercom and HelpCrunch have changed the game, with intelligent chatbots and automatic email or push notifications sent to people who drop-off.

The single touchpoint on your own website is no longer enough, with users preferring the ability to choose which platform to contact their favourite brands. These tools now allow you to keep in touch with your leads through a range of methods, such as Facebook Messenger, WhatsApp, Skype, Viber, from a central location. If you allow people to choose how they contact you, instead of forcing them down your preferred route, you can expect to see much greater results.

Create value to reap rewards

The main point that comes up time and time again is that providing your target audience with something valuable will secure your position as an industry authority and increase chances of a response. This is unlikely to change, especially with the investments in content by the major platforms or search engines, but mainly because the mindsets of consumers have been transformed.

Feel free to give us a shout if you would like to discuss your marketing strategy.