Stock Sandwich. By photographers, for everyone.

Introducing Stock Sandwich, our way of giving back to design, marketing and the open source culture. Without the selfless help of countless contributors, the web wouldn't be where it is today and most of us simply would not have learned the technical skills we need to do what we do!

The message

From a communications perspective, we wanted to highlight that Stock Sandwich is a platform for everyone, from designers to marketeers, international advertising agencies to freelancers and of course, photographers. We knew that professionals from a wide variety of communication and promotional backgrounds would appreciate the sites simplicity and its mission.

Doing the simple things well

We wanted to ensure that we focus on the photography and the photographer - we identified that many stock photography sites would often give the photographer a pretty rotten deal and so we resolved this by heroing the creative work and removed the financial complication.

User experience

No-one likes a pop up asking for a subscription in order to get something that’s “free” - but this happens all the time. We’ve chosen to let YOU decide if you want to sign up for our monthly newsletter (which will give you early access to upcoming photos) - and that’s ALL we’ll use your email address for - we promise!

We’ve made some very conscious decisions in designing and building a user experience which was both easy and transparent.

The future

Future developments have been taken into account too - so the ongoing experience, we hope, will be a good one. This site has been a labour of love, and we’ve decided to include / exclude things to convey that. Watch this space for being able to search by colour, tagged imagery and keywords!

We want to say a big thank you to our readership and supporters of this project.

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