Work experience: a student's eye view

As a 17 year old A level student anxiously awaiting the summer break, the initial idea of an extra week doing work experience didn't quite appeal. However, within moments of entering the studio, and getting a feel for the work they do at little lightbulb, my outlook immediately changed. The attention to detail put into every aspect of work was overwhelming at first, but witnessing the drive and thought processes of the guys gave me a boost of motivation to try and impress. 

Throughout the week I was presented with many amazing opportunities, and given a lot knowledge about marketing and advertising. I was not only able to learn the ins and outs of business management and marketing (skills I can now apply to any area of work I go into), sit in on meetings, and use graphic design software, but was also able to focus on a project that will be presented to a real client!

For this project there were fundamental steps I had to complete. These included: in depth market research, the formulation and narrowing down of ideas to form a clear plan, designing great looking campaigns ideas, and then, finally, compiling all of this into a concise presentation to pitch to the client. 

During the completion of the first two steps was when I gained my insight from Ryan Vaughan into the psychology behind marketing. Beginning with only a basic understanding I wasn't aware of how in touch you have to be with the consumer thought process, and the behavioural responses to certain types of advertisements and language used. This information intrigued me and helped me shape the direction for graphics side of the project.

On my second day I was taught the basics of how to use Adobe Illustrator, and was then left to develop two print campaign ideas. This was great as I was able to get in touch with my more creative side whilst also using the consumer psychology I learnt; to make the campaign not only look aesthetically appealing, but actually draw in consumer attention.  I am really pleased with the final designs, and was impressed with the inspired eye of both Jon Ramsbottom and Ross Merritt who took my designs to new levels!

Finally my last step was to put together a presentation that is not only aethetically pleasing, but also outlined and explained the campaign plan. This taught me to be concise, and to remove myself from the essay writing style I'm used to, which was very difficult - but also really useful. 

Now that my week with little lightbulb has sadly come to an end I clearly see the benefits of work experience, I have had a fun time developing new skills which I can take with me for the future. 

Many thanks to a friendly team; they couldn't have been better! :)