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We don't just believe that "People buy People" is just a quote; it's a mantra that we endeavour to live by.

We bring diverse skills and perspectives, a great work ethic and are big fans of collaborative working. We’re forever learning, pushing ourselves and coming up with fresh ideas to help our customers.

Meet the team

Bringing you a diverse skillset with a combined experience of 35 years in the fields of marketing, graphic design and web development. We are avid collaborators and approach problem solving in a creative and open-minded fashion.

Jon Ramsbottom

Co-Founder & Managing Director

Ryan Vaughan

Co-Founder & Planning Director

Ross Merritt

Senior Designer

  • A Lightbulb moment
  • Ryan & Jon working on new branding
  • Little Lightbulb branding
  • Little Lightbulb office blur
  • Glove Factory Studios

A Lightbulb Moment

(noun, informal)

A moment of sudden realisation, enlightenment, or inspiration.

i.e. “Our lightbulb moment came upon realising that we shouldn’t do this alone.”

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